Dolby means literarily “noise reduction”. We are exposed to an un- predictable and constantly changing environment. People determine our environment. We constantly test the balance between our needs and those of others. The conflict between the individual and the group is the main focus of DOLBY.

For DOLBY Nanine Linning created an extremely explosive dance language. Ten dancers are doomed to stay together in ever-changing circumstances, with all their attendant risks and dangers. The result is an unpredictable, raw and dynamic performance, which requires an extreme physicality from the dancers.

Out of 75 theatre, dance and music performances (including Anouk van Dijk, Orkater, Toneelgroep Oostpool, Ricciotti Ensemble en De Vogelfabriek) Nanine Linning won with Dolby ‘De Mus’,  the award for the most promising show of Festival de Parade 2010. ‘De Mus’ has been uitgereikt by regisseur Pieter Kramer during the closing gala.

From the jury rapport: “The physical interaction between the dancers and the enormously high rate of this exciting performance makes that the public does not have a second to wander to other thoughts. The recognizable attraction and repulsion among the dancers, makes you feel physical and emotional close to the dancers. Even so close you almost have to cry. Seldom there has been a performance at the Parade which had such a confrontational force had in many areas.”

Since the beginning of the play period, Dolby was the absolute crowd favourite. Standing ovation in the cities The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam. The Parade, which celebrated this year it’s 20th anniversary, was visited by a total of 258,000 people.
Also on the Lowlands festival, Dolby was an overwhelming success. On Friday afternoon Dolby played in full Juliet tent. Dolby is loading, unloading and concentration – a must-see regardless of meaning. Modern dance belongs at Lowlands (DORST, VPRO)