In SYNTHETIC TWIN Nanine Linning focuses on Siamese twins as a me- taphor for being separate yet one. The sometimes intense desire to break away from someone and the extreme drive to merge with each other is a recurring dilemma in our lives. Nanine Linning is fascinated by Siamese twins who are two people in one body. But are you one person if you have two heads and two minds thinking and feeling at the same time?

SYNTHETIC TWIN is set in the Baroque era, a time when science and re- ligion were still entangled. The powerful, dynamic dance language of Nanine Linning combined with the tactile costumes of Iris van Herpen and the associative video-designs of Jan Boiten pull the spectator into a turmoil of impressions and emotions, set to baroque music from Händel, Scarlatti, Pergolesi and Purcell.