Theater Heidelberg presents: ZERO
A Dance Production of Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg

ZERO is an exciting cross-over, in which dance, drama, film, music and costumes - by the internationally celebrated designer Iris van Herpen - leave your eyes almost popping out of your head.
What will happen if the world were to drastically change; if gravity were to slowly disappear? What do people do in those final hours before everything changes? Do we accept it? Do we say goodbye to one another? Do we fight it?
Linning and her ten dancers fantasize about this intriguing thought on the spherical music by Julia Wolf, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Arvo Pärt and Philip Glass, among others, but they also travel back through the decades, to the zero point in human history. The forceful music for strings is supported by video images by Roger Muskee and subtle light design of Loes Schakenbos.

Nanine created ZERO with her Dance Company in Heidelberg in 2012 and performed more then 45 performances in Germany, the Netherlands and France. Konzert Theater Bern has been staging ZERO in Switserland for another 12 performances. Zero was also invited to open the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam, premiering its larger then life catwalk.


The press about ZERO:

“The dance impresses by its enormous physical presence and mysterious yet associative charisma.” Stuttgarter Zeitung 2013

“At the end the apocalypse presents itself as chance and new beginning. And it’s clear that Linning understands how to project big dimensions, ever still surprising us how she visualizes them. Her intense choreography and her strong dance company have been welcomed with extraordinary applause.” Die Deutsche Bühne 2013

“An experience for all senses.” Darmstädter Zeitung 2013

“Dance Company Nanine Linning Heidelberg as company of the year. Why? Because with productions like REQUIEM and ZERO they made dance into a brand in Heidelberg in no time.” Selected as Company of the Year in the Year book of magazine TANZ 2013

“Nanine Linning is an unstoppable talent with longevity,” Selected as Company of the Year by German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung 2013