The name of Hieronymus Bosch has become a trademark for paintings that take the onlooker far beyond the borders of reality. For more than 500 years now, the world is fascinated by his colorful masterpieces crawling with fantastic creatures and peculiar hybrids between man and animal. Like no other, Bosch knew how to reconcile the profane with the religious, nature with early technology, tradition with jaw-dropping imagination. His works breathes an inner truth that is much more human than mankind wishes it to be.

At the occasion of the 500th year of the painter’s death in 2016, choreographer Nanine Linning drew inspiration from his masterpieces and dedicated an evening-length dance production to celebrate his life and work: HIERONYMUS B. Linning, well-known for her multidisciplinary works, fusing dance with visual arts, design and installation, and her extremely physical movement language, translated Bosch's work into a multidisciplinary dance production around the Seven Deadly Sins. Reflecting the structure of a triptych altar painting, Hieronymus B. is comprised of two short sections and a longer one. Each section invites the audience to experience a different aspect of Bosch’s worldview, visually, kinaesthetic and auditively designed into an immersive experience.
To re-envision Bosch’s world for the stage, Linning collaborated with design-duo Les Deux Garcons who created huge scupltures and opulent costumes in the spirit of Bosch’s masterpieces. Renaissance music and a new composition by composter Michiel Jansen complement this tribute to Bosch’s genius with a befitting musical score in combination with music from Purcell, Scarlatti, Dowland and Händel.

Linning's creation will restage her celebrated production for Oper Halle with 18 dancers, orchestra and countertenor, premiering March 16th, 2019.


The press about Nanine Linning’s Hieronymus B:

„This grandiose production is part of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the death of Bosch.” BBC Russia

„How it is danced, with what power and grace, expressiveness and sometimes humility, that is very very strong.” Deutschlandfunk

 “A triumph” Die deutsche Bühne

 “The dancers, the musicians, the numerous creative minds of this production have created a fantastic world in mutual support and enrichment.” SWR2

“Impressive and powerful in its aesthetic opulence and consistency" Mannheimer Morgen

“Sinfully beautiful”Hartmut Regitz, tanz magazine

“An extraordinary theatre experience” and “a powerful, nightly phantasmagoria” Esslinger Zeitung 

“It is so clever and engaging - essentially it is bringing Bosch's paintings to life.”   Timeless Travels


Hieronymus B. is a production of Theater Heidelberg in coproduction with the Jheronimus Bosch 500 foundation in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. World Premiere took place on January 18th, 2015 in Theater und Orchester Heidelberg.

Costumes, Masks, Set and Props have been produced by Theater und Orchester Heidelberg