Theater Heidelberg presents: SILVER
A Dance Production of Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg


Nothing has changed as radically in the last few decades as the technology we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. Modern means of communication let the world shrink to a pocket size Global Village. Medical technology promises life beyond its natural limits. Robotics, cybernetics and developments in the field of artificial intelligence put the equally fascinating as disquieting idea of artificial life within our grasp. Nanine Linning’s new production SILVER addresses the intimate – and increasingly intrusive – relationship between the human and the technological, showing the beauty of its aesthetics, but also questioning its promise of ever increasing progress and self-improvement.

Together with her company of 12 dancers, Linning maps out a dystopian world where the boundaries between men and machine become blurry. Mechanically moving dancers populate the stage, as are dancing machines and strange hybrid creatures that defy categorization. The performance is organized as a stylized succession of evolutionary experiments conjuring up the idea of a transhumanist frenzy that asserts the mastery of man over nature. Her signature style – abstract yet always accessible – Linning combines for SILVER with influences from the world of ‘popping’, creating a distinctive movement language between visual exuberance and mechanical abstraction. 

As before for SYNTHETIC TWIN, ZERO and ENDLESS, Linning again teams up with a designer of international stature for stage design and costumes – this time extraordinary artist Bart Hess. Hess’ work encompasses installations and video art, performance pieces and futuristic explorations into the tactility of fashion and textile design. His list of collaborators includes prominent figures such as fashion designer Iris van Herpen, shock rocker Marilyn Manson and pop icon Lady Gaga.

In the futuristic stage space of Hess, SILVER becomes a multisensory experience, making the audience waver between breathless fascination and mild horror. This choreographic investigation into the possible near future is accentuated by new music from Dutch composer – and longtime collaborator – Michiel Jansen.


The press about SILVER in Germany in 2015:

Linning’s vision of what will happen when »humanoids develop the faculty of self-improvement«, looks »sensational« according to Süddeutsche Zeitung. Darmstädter Echo praised the »athletically powerful«, »highly virtuosic« and »furiously danced group scenes«. Her »experimental setup« about the question of humanities future in a technologized world is according to Stuttgarter Nachrichten »astonishingly relevant«. Dance journal tanz considers SILVER a dance production that »is likely to stay with you for a while.«


All in all a suspenseful and challenging performance – lots of bravos! Kronen-Zeitung, Österreich 2016


„Silver“ raises pressing philosophical issue, but was also enjoyable as an action-spectacle. Neues Volksblatt, Österreich 2016