Theater Heidelberg presents:  DUSK
A production of Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg

World première: November 11th , 2017 @ Marguerre-Saal
Theater und Orchester Heidelberg


On the threshold of the end and a new beginning there’s a sphere of dusk, where time seems to extend endlessly and inescapably passes at the same time. From this transcendent state between holding on and accepting to let go springs the inspiration of Nanine Linning’s newest and maybe most personal piece. 

DUSK is a dance piece in its purest form. Concentrated on the essence, it completely trusts the intuitive knowledge of the body. In an immediate directness, the movement captures sentiments of longing and awe at the unavoidable. 

Three unique parts follow the transition of a pulsing, bright and lively presence into a shadowy, fragile and decreasing dissolution. The poetical strains of Mahler performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra Heidelberg form the backbone of the piece, for which Nanine Linning collaborates with the General Music Director Elias Grandy for the first time. The blurring of shapes and appearances is imposingly supported by the extraordinary costume design of Irina Shaposhnikova and the stunning light design of Ingo Jooß. 

Moving beyond divisions and working across disciplines, Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg offers a combination of dance and opera, concerts and installations. Crossing over into the fields of design, video, visual arts and fashion, the productions of Nanine Linning are characterized by an explosive physical movement language and equally vivid imagery. Linning designs raw yet opulent productions, that make references to human instincts, drives and emotions as well as aspects of cultural history and social criticism. They enthuse audiences with their broad space for association and their great potential for identification as events that speak to all senses.Her innovative company is becoming one of Europe leading brands in dance.

The company’s close cooperation with diverse internationally renowned artists and scientists is reflected in the broad spectrum of its activities, which include European co-productions, guest appearances and tours, TV features and documentary, exclusive events for designer fashion and museum commissions.