D³ – Dance Discovers Digital 

A Theater Bielefeld / Tanz Bielefeld production 
With the friendly support of the Ministry of Culture and Science of the Nordrhein-Westfalen Province in collaboration with the NRW Secretary of Culture

Premiere: October 23rd, 2021, Bielefeld, Deutschland
uration: 1 hour and 40 minutes without intermission

To become immortal - an undertaking that is almost as old as mankind itself. The search for the one elixir that makes us invulnerable, gives us eternal youth and through which we can escape our earthly limitations runs right through history. From the Alchemist's Magnum opus, it took us to today's nanotechnological innovations that try to outsource the human brain to computers. We have come closer to our goal of eternal life at breakneck speed in recent years; how far is it still to the Philosopher's Stone?

In the second edition of the D3 - Dance Discovers Digital project, the Dutch choreographer Nanine Linning dedicates herself to a topic that could not be more topical in times of pandemic. Together with an interdisciplinary team, she develops to Brahms ‚Ein Deutsches Requiem’ a dance evening in which she allows intense physicality and fascinating virtuality to collide. Digital technologies challenge the expressive possibilities of dance as one of the oldest art forms and create a new, sensual theater experience.

Nanine Linning is one of the choreographers who have significantly shaped dance in Europe in recent years. In her multidisciplinary work, she merges movement, design, video, visual art and fashion into opulent total works of art. Linning led the dance ensembles at the Osnabrück Theater (2009-12) and at the Heidelberg Theater and Orchestra (2012-18). In addition to works for the dance company Nanine Linning, she has choreographed for the Stuttgart Ballet and the Bavarian State Ballet and has received commissions from the Netherlands Chamber Choir and the Boston Ballet.

Janett Metzger, dramaturg Theater Bielefeld