Choreographic and Production Assistant


For the 2017-2018 season Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg is looking for a

Choreographic assistant and PA to artistic director N. Linning

Contract starting on 4th September 2017/ Contract NV-Bühne

Introductory period between May and June 2017


Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg is the dance branch of Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, a municipal theater institution offering theater, opera, dance and concert performances for target audiences of all ages. With its 12 dancers, it creates 4 productions in season 2017/18, performs about 60 shows and tours internationally.

Nanine Linning’s productions interweave contemporary dance with design, video, music, visual arts and fashion. Her choreographies are characterized by a strong sense of multidisciplinarity. Theatrically stunning as well as physically demanding, her dance pieces make reference to basic human instincts, drives and emotions as well as aspects of cultural history and social criticism.


Your task a.o.:

-        Giving the daily dance training (ballet, preferably also contemporary) taking into account the special needs of respective productions

-        Assisting the choreographer in the rehearsal process – on an artistic and organizational level

-        Overseeing all rehearsals; conducting rehearsals on behalf of choreographer

-        Drawing up training and rehearsal schedules in consultation with the artistic director and – if need be – other departments

-        Mediating between company and the artistic management of the theater as well as all departments relevant to the production process and representing the artistic interests of the choreographer

-        Collaborate creatively in the development of new productions; foresighted planning with regard of their practical realization

-        Supporting the strategic development of the company

-        Documenting and archiving all information relevant to revivals, acquisition and tour

-        Coordinating and implementing castings and revivals

-        Preparing and carrying out auditions and doing all necessary follow-up work

-        Managing the calendar of the artistic director and prioritizing her tasks

-        Helping dancers with practical and daily issues



-        Enthusiasm for the choreographic work of Nanine Linning

-        Strong analytical skills combined with a result-oriented work ethic

-        Keen perception and enthusiasm for solving logistic puzzles

-        Leadership qualities and substantial experience in dance/choreographic work; knowledgeable as trainer and coach

-        Ability to act in the interest of the choreographer/artistic director

-        Ability to prioritize, delegate effectively and oversee time sensitive processes

-        Capacity for teamwork, flexibility, ability to work under pressure and proactive work attitude

-        Experience with the organizational requirements of multidisciplinary artworks and their work processes

-        Knowledge of the structures of a German city theatre

-        Interest in „cutting egde“ art and recent scientific developments

-        Professional dance education and substantial experience as a dancer

-        Excellent command of English and German; additional languages desirable


Please send your application before 31st March 2017 (including CV and portrait picture) to


Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg

Artistic Director Nanine Linning